Essays From the 21st Century

Essays From the 21st Century, a blog written by Canadian author Doug Matthews (me), is intended to provoke and motivate. It is my fervent wish that readers will find reasons to explore topics in greater depth than by simply following what I say or what biased news media sources say without looking at differing opinions. If I can touch but one heart and one mind out of thousands then I will consider that I have achieved my goal. If I can change the way one person views the world and thinks about important dilemmas facing it, then I will have achieved my goal. I hope you enjoy the ride.



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Content and Intellectual Property. I, Doug Matthews, own the full copyright to the content of this web site. I leave it up to the conscience of readers to respect this intellectual property and to ask for permission before reproducing any of the content, including original writing, images, or videos, for any purpose. This may be done by contacting me directly at Please have the same consideration for any of the content that has been contributed by others.

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