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Content and Intellectual Property. I, Doug Matthews, own the full copyright to the content of this web site. I leave it up to the conscience of readers to respect this intellectual property and to ask for permission before reproducing any of the content, including original writing, images, or videos, for any purpose. This may be done by contacting me directly at gear6@shaw.ca. Please have the same consideration for any of the content that has been contributed by others.

gearsixcreative, 1104 - 288 Ungless Way, Port Moody, BC, Canada       T: 604-492-2001       E: gear6@shaw.ca

I have published a number of special event books used to teach event production in universities around the world. If you would like to learn more or wish to purchase one, please click on the book images below. One book, Stumbling Toward Applause: Misadventures in Entertainment, is a collection of mainly humourous anecdotes from my career in event entertainment.