This must-have guide to special event production looks deep behind the scenes of an event and dissects what it is that creates success. It analyses the process - the planning and business aspects - to provide a unique guide to producing a variety of events from weddings to festivals. It thoroughly explains event design, budgeting and human resource concerns, the role of the well-crafted proposal, contracting, onsite event management, and the latest trends in sustainability and technology.


This new edition has been significantly updated to include:


  • Three new chapters: Event Design, Information Technology, and Sustainability and Event Production.

  • Updated and new case studies.

  • New Industry Voice feature in each chapter, including interviews with industry experts from around the world commenting on their experiences with event planning and production. 

  • New content on: ritual, audience engagement, mobile technology, volunteers, risk management and safety, venues, and sustainability standards for events.

  • Enhanced online resources including: PowerPoint lecture slides, checklists, glossaries, additional questions and challenges, web links, sample contract templates, production schedule templates, and evaluation forms.


Incorporating pedagogical features, this easy-to-read book is packed with photographs, diagrams, flow charts, checklists, sample forms, and real-life examples. It steps through the whole process from creating a concept and writing the proposal at the outset, to budgeting, writing contracts, risk assessment, directing and managing the event, and following up at the end of the event. This is a must-have resource for event producers, planners, managers, caterers, and students. 


This text is part one of a two-book set; also available is Special Events Production: The Resources (ISBN 978-1-138-78567-0). This book offers an in-depth guide to the technical aspects of a big event such as lighting and audio systems, visual presentation technology, special effects, staging, and temporary outdoor venues.

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