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How to Create Fantasies and Win Accolades: A Practical Guide to Planning Special Events

Aimed at novice to mid-career event planners, this special event book presents a general overview of event planning. It treats the event planning process as a logical series of phases and leads the reader through the process in an easily understandable manner. Planners will quickly gain knowledge because of the depth of detail compared to other books on the subject, particularly in the technical aspects of event planning. It contains: extensive checklists for every special event planning phase; sample client and supplier contracts; extensive technical glossaries of Lighting, Audio, Visual Presentation Technology, Catering, and Production Management, plus much more.

Charlene Roth-Diddams, Instructor, Event Management Certificate Program, Mount Royal College

How to Create Fantasies and Win Accolades: A Practical Guide to Planning Special Events is exactly what the title says it is - a practical guide. As an instructor with the Event Management Certificate Program and Mount Royal College, I am constantly reminded of the scope and breadth of the special event industry in Canada. Many students are currently involved in planning events within their companies, their social circles, and their volunteer commitments, all with varying degrees of skill and experience. I frequently recommend your book as the resource of choice for anyone interested in expanding their skill base. 
Stacy Wyatt, Managing Editor, Canadian Event Perspective Magazine
WOW! Congratulations on your new book. I must tell you this is by far the most comprehensive and well laid out industry resource book I have seen. Congratulations on your success. We can't wait for the masters edition!

Name Withheld by Request

I just wanted to send over a big thank you for your new book on Special Event production. Not only did the book save my life in my current job at least five times in the first two days after receiving it, it also helped me to land a great new job coordinating special events. The best news is that my salary doubled! I really appreciated the information in the book - it really condensed and organized many of the small details which were scattered throughout my brain into a clear and cohesive picture of the special event coordination process.
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