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Stopping the World

They are anxious times, these. We've almost managed to stop the world, at least a good chunk of business, entertainment, travel, and social interaction. Yet the amazing thing is that nobody has talked about the effect on climate change even though pollution has considerably decreased in normally heavy areas such as China.

This begs the question, "Could this not be a simple solution to lowering carbon emissions sitting right in front of our noses?" Sure, we have to learn about it via a lethal disease and a lot of financial pain. But think about it. If we as a species pushed the reset button every year for say as little time as a week, would that not have a tremendous effect on lowering our overall carbon emissions? Sort of like a total spring break for the world - no airline flights, no cruise ships, as few trips by automobile as possible, no factories, no public facilities, no entertainment venues. Everything closed. For just a week. People at home enjoying some good family time. And saving the planet to boot.

I know it would put the pesky climate alarmists out of business and keep the oil industry going. Maybe most people don't think that is a good idea, but I see it as positive. Why can't the climate "progressives" who frequently gather and proclaim we are going to hell in a hand basket consider a few novel ideas like this. Even if it is not for an entire week, perhaps just treating Sundays as days of rest the way they were meant to be would still manage to lower the world's carbon footprint.

If anything, surely we can learn some lessons from this pandemic. Maybe this is one. Maybe God is giving us a second chance. Consider this a reset.

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