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Time for a Patriotic Speech

It appears that Canada has lost its way.

Here we are, 151 years after Confederation and and the country has a "wuss" for a Prime Minister, confrontational Premiers who cannot stop bickering, and an oily crisis that promises to test our constitutional limitations. I say it's high time for the PM to step up with a rousing, unifying speech that would do Churchill, Kennedy, or Martin Luther King proud.

No more of this side-stepping of issues; no more postponing decisions; no more left versus right. Step up and say that we need to be united. Step up and EXPLAIN how the economy and the environment can dance happy and united into the sunset. Set some hard goals for replacing the lost revenue of oil with something else. For example, why not make a bold statement that Canada will become a world leader in the manufacture of electric cars, or maybe the world's top tourist destination within 10 years (we have the attractions!), or maybe a leader in magnetic levitation technology for trains. There are so many possibilities. All it takes is a coordinated approach, the political will, and a genuine understanding of how it can be accomplished. The rousing speech could do all this in one fell swoop.

Go on, Mr. Trudeau. I dare you to try.

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